Agnieszka Bresler

Actress, director, theatre educator and social activist. A graduate of MA Acting at Manchester Metropolitan University in England (conducted in cooperation with the Song of the Goat Theater in Wrocław) and Physical Theater Practice at Adam Smith College in Scotland. In 2005-2011 she lived in Glasgow, where she initiated and co-led the Polish theatre group Gappad Theater, and also worked as an actress with such theatre companies as the National Theater of Scotland, Teatro La Madrugada or Romany Theater Company.

Initiator and president of the Kolektyw Kobietostan. For many years, the vice-president of the Jubilo Foundation in Wrocław. Initiator and co-creator of many cultural and social projects, including the founding project Womenstate, Unlocking of the Jubilo Foundation (run at the Prison No. 1 in Wrocław) and the Inmates’ Art Center. Director of numerous community theatre performances, realised in prisons and correctional institutions, with people with disabilities or in a life crisis, presented and awarded at national competitions and reviews.

Winner of the Wrocław City 30 Creative Award in the Art / Design category. Nominated for the WARTO award of Gazeta Wyborcza for two of the productions of Kobietostan. A scholarship holder of the President of Wrocław in the field of theatre. Honoured with diplomas of the Prison Service and the District Court in Wrocław for promoting the idea of rehabilitation through art.